June 26th, 2008


been there seen that

7 countries.

11 days.


Paris, France - WOW. It was my favorite place. Just beyond beautiful. There were A LOT of tourist and it was pretty busy but the shopping and fashion was the best.

Brussels, Belgium - ehh not that impressive. There was chocolate and waffle stores everywhere though :]

Lubeque, Germany - I was kinda scared to go to Germany because of its history but our tour guide (she's amazing!) is German and she gave a really inspiring speech about how Germans are trying to move on from the past and not to judge them harshly. Lub was nothing like I was expecting. I love Germany! :] the people were the nicest and everything was well priced (not crazy expensive like France or Belgium). Going back for sure

Amsterdam, Holland - YAY THE COOLEST PLACE EVA!!!!1!
Hotties? Check
Great Shopping? Check
Legal Drugs? Check
I am so going to live here ;] Besides Amsterdam rocking the rural part of Holland is so cute and gah I just love it

Copenhagen, Denmark - ehh not that impressed :/ It was okay...The best part was the boys OMG WHAT?! Every person was blond hair blue eyes and GORGEOUS. I didnt really do anything in Copenhagen besides stare at boys. yum

Malmö, Sweden - We decided to go here because we were done in Copenhagen (aka bored). It was way adorable :] I am pretty sure Swedish is not a real language (seriously!) but I loved it none the less. Crossing the Oresund Bridge was so cool because its 7,845 metres long and you go under a tunnel...so you go under water at one point ;]

Oslo, Noway - COLD COLD COLD Thats what I remember mostly. We were all exhausted because we had to take a ferry there. Yes this sounds cool BUT DO NOT BE FOOLED. IT WAS HORRIBLE! The swells were huge and I got motion sickness :[ not fun. So Oslo was kinda a blur...slept in the park which was the best :]

The people on the trip:
Mike, Jamie, Kersey, Cristina, Parker, Tatum, Cody, Bryce, Heather, Mackenzie, and myself

Lots of late nights talking and pranking :]

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