been there seen that

7 countries.

11 days.


Paris, France - WOW. It was my favorite place. Just beyond beautiful. There were A LOT of tourist and it was pretty busy but the shopping and fashion was the best.

Brussels, Belgium - ehh not that impressive. There was chocolate and waffle stores everywhere though :]

Lubeque, Germany - I was kinda scared to go to Germany because of its history but our tour guide (she's amazing!) is German and she gave a really inspiring speech about how Germans are trying to move on from the past and not to judge them harshly. Lub was nothing like I was expecting. I love Germany! :] the people were the nicest and everything was well priced (not crazy expensive like France or Belgium). Going back for sure

Amsterdam, Holland - YAY THE COOLEST PLACE EVA!!!!1!
Hotties? Check
Great Shopping? Check
Legal Drugs? Check
I am so going to live here ;] Besides Amsterdam rocking the rural part of Holland is so cute and gah I just love it

Copenhagen, Denmark - ehh not that impressed :/ It was okay...The best part was the boys OMG WHAT?! Every person was blond hair blue eyes and GORGEOUS. I didnt really do anything in Copenhagen besides stare at boys. yum

Malmö, Sweden - We decided to go here because we were done in Copenhagen (aka bored). It was way adorable :] I am pretty sure Swedish is not a real language (seriously!) but I loved it none the less. Crossing the Oresund Bridge was so cool because its 7,845 metres long and you go under a you go under water at one point ;]

Oslo, Noway - COLD COLD COLD Thats what I remember mostly. We were all exhausted because we had to take a ferry there. Yes this sounds cool BUT DO NOT BE FOOLED. IT WAS HORRIBLE! The swells were huge and I got motion sickness :[ not fun. So Oslo was kinda a blur...slept in the park which was the best :]

The people on the trip:
Mike, Jamie, Kersey, Cristina, Parker, Tatum, Cody, Bryce, Heather, Mackenzie, and myself

Lots of late nights talking and pranking :]

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till Paris

ahh sweetness

back in reality

rescued from my far away castle by err...myself

ummm this post was rather useless
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once upon a time

there was a beautiful princess who lived with her family in a blue castle
in the middle of the kingdom.

The princess with golden hair had many loyal friends and she loved them all dearly.

One day her castle was invaded by evil creatures and the royal family was forced to flee.

The princess was locked away in the highest tower in a foreign kingdom.

All the princess could see was a beautiful ocean and many other peasents.

The princess wished dearly for some company and someone to share in the beauty that was Siesta Key Beach.

But alas, none of her loyal friends would answer her invites.

Leaving her highness to wither away in her beach prison.

She soon grew cold and uncaring realizing no one man or women would save her.

So she sits and watches her beach. Alone. Again.
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6 days

I would get sick 6 DAYS before Paris.

Yay Perscriptions!

Sorry friends,
I am recovering for the time being. Let ya know when I am free to party
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Thank you soo much for my card, I loove it!

Your so creative and beautiful and I hope your summer has been treating you well. There are two (Zohan and Love Geru) shitty movies coming out soon that we need to see ;D

<2 <2 <2
Amber (not a ginger)
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summer loven

Well the first night of summer was spent burning away the past
quite poetic and needed

A L U M N I.

1f U C4|\| |234|) 7H15, U |234LLY |\|33|) 70 G37 L41|).
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Lives like that

sitting in rehearsal for graduation


I'm scared.
I'm excited.
I'm over heated.

I went through my yearbook
I'm so touched

You like me. You really like me!

To everyone and anyone who reads this livejournal
and happen to go to high school with me

Thank You.
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afgsh asked for an adventure

First and only amazing party. It was soo much fun!
Had its highs and lows and lots LOTS LOTS of sexual tension.
Whoa hay thar! ;]
I was a good girl (unlike some names that will not be mentioned but you know who you are!)

I look back
and think how alike we once were
but my skin is too itchy
your grasp too tight
so I'll jump off
and grow up tonight
I don't need to fight
To prove I'm right
I don't need to be forgiven
-Amber Rutkowski

so ya thar you are SAILOR, truest tails of the ocean blue and a swash-buckling adventure weekend
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